Concept venue bringing studio, gallery and bar & restaurant space to the heart of the city.

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What we're all about: Bringing artists and art lovers together in a relaxed environment with great service, delicious food and refreshing drinks in the heart of the city.

Our vision: Art "hot desking" Stuidos combined with a modern gallery space, bar and restaurant. Providing a home from home for our resident artists and a space for art lovers too!

The Arthouse Foundation: We were inspired by the love of art and the calming influences that art inspires. Our journey started with a lot of passion but without a lot of space; it was at this moment we decided a studio space would be a great idea and our concept of The Arthouse was born.

Having two great passions in life; hospitality and art, we recognised a gap in the market for a mixed use creative development. A space that would combine creative stuidos and an art gallery, underpinned by a bustling bar and restaurant. We want to make art accessible and whats more we want to make the sale of art even more accessible for our artists without the onerous commissions often charged by regular galleries.

Our stuido spaces will be home to The Arthouse Foundation which will provide budding talent with a creative outlet and a future career as an accomplished artist. Another facet of the foundation will emphesis art as a therapy, where it's creative and calming influences can truly be experienced; bringing people and communities together with art, working in partnership with those affected by Alzheimer's, Dementia, Cancer, PTSD and anxiety.

The power of art is extraordinary, let's be a part of something profound...together.

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